Context of A new and complete collection of voyages and travels : containing all that have been remarkable from the earliest period to the present time; and including not only the voyages and travels of the natives of these kingdoms, but also those of France, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, Prussia, &c. with an account of the rise and progress of navigation among the various nations of the earth, and of the discoveries of the Portuguese, English, Dutch, and French, in Africa and the East-Indies, and those of Columbus in the West-Indies, and the continent of America, with the relations of Maghellan, Drake, Candish, Anson, Dampier, and all the circumnavigators: including a most faithful recital of the remarkable voyages and discoveries undertaken at the expence of the Parliament of Great Britain, and by order of his present majesty George III in the South Seas, by those great and experienced navigators, Byron, Carteret, Cook, Forster, Wallis, Furneaux, Parkinson, &c. &c. Together with an accurate description of New Holland, Zealand, O-taheitee, Tanna, the Society, Friendly, and other newly discovered isles and their inhabitants. Likewise the voyage of Mr. de Bougainville to the South Seas, by order of the French king. Also an account of the Right Honourable Lord Mulgrave's expedition, for the discovery of a passage towards the North Pole. And a succinct narrative of the voyages and travels undertaken for discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere by order of her Most Serene Highness the present Empress of Russia; with a particular description of the new archipelago discovered in the prosecution of that plan : comprehending an extensive system of geography, describing, in the most accurate manner, every place worthy of notice in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America : and comprising a full display of the situation, climate, soil, produce, laws, religion, manners, and customs, of the different countries of the universe. A summary view of the various revolutions of government or changes of nature which they have undegone [sic]. With a discussion of several phenomena of nature hitherto unaccounted for by philosophers. The whole exhibiting a view of the present state of the world, and calculated to give the reader a clear idea of the government, policy, and commercial interests, of all the different inhabitants : being the result of unwearied assiduity, assisted by the best authorities

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